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Sir Mix-A-Lot And Eric Powers Are Coming To HOT!

Sup, Hotties? It’s your boy Tanch. I’ve been your resident afternoon drive time loud mouth on the new HOT 103-7 for over 3 years now. It’s been a wild ride, to say the least. Your passion, loyalty and love for the HOT brand has made us a Seattle sensation. Now is an extremely exciting time for HOT... Read More

Ice Cube Gets A Star On Hollywood Walk Of Fame

Ice Cube has a new lucky number; 2,614. That's because he is the 2,614th person to receive a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame! After decades of success in music, movies, directing and other business ventures, this was a long time comin'. Congrats, Cube! Video of Ice Cube Gets Star On Hollywood... Read More

Happy Birthday, Prince!

Happy birthday to the mayor of Paisley Park! The legend, the icon, the artist, Prince would have been 59 years old today. People are honoring the legend by using the hashtag, "#PrinceDay" on social media. Here's a few highlights: It's #PrinceDay and we're looking back at his most badass moments:... Read More

11-Year-Old Wrote A Rap About His Bully - Mac Lethal Performs It

Bullying is brutal. Always has been. I remember DREADING the thought of getting on the bus every day in middle school because of a kid named Mike. I would pray, every day, for him to be home sick so I didn't have to face him. Fast forward a few years, we were both on the varsity football team and I... Read More

Trey Songz Gets Freaky On Stage With Fan

Mr. Steal Your Girl was back at it again! He made one lucky fan's night at a recent show when he invited her on-stage for a very, very, VERY up close and personal performance. Multi-tasking is one hell of a skill. Props to Trey. Singing, stripping, and simulating sex at the same time can't be easy... Read More

Why You Should Always Read The Description When Shopping On Amazon

It's always important to read the fine print, description, etc. whenever you're online shopping. Even if it's from a reliable website like Amazon! I can sort-of-kind-of relate to what happened to "@B_is_4Bombshell." Many years ago, I ordered a dope Ed Hardy hoodie (don't judge me, it was cool back... Read More

Kim + Kanye Celebrate Wedding Anniversary

Big Foot has been spotted more than Kanye recently which is shocking, to say the least. That's because 'Ye recently took a page out of old Sasquatch's book and spent some time at a campsite in the mountains of Wyoming to work on his new album with his GOOD Music buddy, Pusha T. Looks like he took a... Read More

Ray Allen Wants The NBA Back In Seattle

Ray Allen is a two time NBA Finals Champion, three time Olympic Gold Medalist and ten time NBA All Star. He also played for our beloved Supersonics from 2003-2007. Looks like Ray Ray missed us! He was chillin' in the Emerald City yesterday. He posted a photo of the Space Needle on instagram and... Read More

ASL Interpreter Steals The Show At Snoop Dogg Concert

I'm lucky enough to say I've seen Snoop Dogg live multiples times. If you ever have a chance to see a show, do it! Snoop always kills it. But at THIS show in the video below, there's nothing Snoop could do to own the spotlight. Headline rights belonged to the ASL interpreter who absolutely murdered... Read More