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Stand Up, Speak Out Against Sexual Abuse!

HOT has the utmost respect for those who have come forward to stand up and speak out against their sexual abusers. Time named these “Silence Breakers” 2017’s “Person of the Year.” As said by Time’s editor-in-chief, “This is the fastest moving social change we’ve seen in decades, and it began by... Read More

HBO's The Defiant Ones Now Available On Digital HD and Blu-ray!

The Defiant Ones documentary series, The Defiant Ones, is easily one of my favorite things that I’ve watched all year. Even if you’re not a fan of Dr. Dre (or hip hop at all) I guarantee you will be extremely entertained. The series covers the untold story of how Jimmy Iovine and Dr. Dre linked up... Read More

Apple Cup 2017 - Who You Got?

The Apple Cup kicks off at 5:30pm on Saturday and will air on FOX. The Huskies and the Cougs are both wrapping up good, not great, seasons. The only team playing for "something" is WSU as they still have a chance to lock up the Pac 12 North by sticking it to the Dawgs. The Huskies enter the game... Read More

New Photos Of Jay Z and Beyonce's Twins

Being a living specimen of power, strength and glory, I have few weaknesses. One of them is babies with chubby cheeks. Ya know, babies like Jay Z and Beyonce's twins (Rumi and Sir). LOOK AT THOSE FREAKIN' CHEEKS!! Tell me you don't want to squeeze the ba-jesus out of those things. Part of me feels... Read More

Mariah Carey + N.W.A Nominated For Songwriters Hall Of Fame

Jay Z was honored as the first hip hop artist to be inducted into the Songrwiters Hall Of Fame last year. Following in his footsteps this year are the boys "Straight Outta Compton," N.W.A.. Good ol' Mimi, Mariah Carey also received a nomination. Other artists nominated for the 2018 class (of the... Read More

Jay Z And Beyonce As Biggie And Lil Kim = Best Couples Costume

Halloween 2017 is in the books and nobody does Halloween like celebs (and those people who spend the entire year whipping up ridiculously detailed costumes for big money contests). My vote for best couples costume this year goes, "without a reasonable doubt," (see what I did there?) to Jay and... Read More

Rihanna Gets Road Named After Her In Barbados

The government of Rihanna’s native land, Barbados, announced they will be honoring her in a dope way next month. On Barbados’ Independence Day (November 30th), Westbury New Road will become “Rihanna Drive.” The honor should be extra special to Rihanna because it’s the road that the superstar grew... Read More

Tribute Tuesday - EMINEM - 10/17

Ten #1 albums... One of Rolling Stone's 100 Greatest Artists of All Time... The best selling artist of the 2000's... That just scratches the surface of the greatness that is EMINEM! Slim Shady is expected to drop his first new album in 4 years within the next month and we want to get you ready for... Read More

Trailer Released For New Tupac + Biggie Movie

I never thought I’d say this (since I love them both) but maybe, just maybe, there are TOO many projects about Tupac and Biggie already out there or in the works. We’ve seen different docu-series and specials about the them on networks like A&E and Fox, Pac’s biopic was just in theaters over... Read More

Drake's Dad Got A Huge Tattoo Of Drake's Face

Drake's dad is an interesting person. Scratch that. He's not a person at all. He's a walking, talking, cartoon character. That's not a bad thing. He's the freakin' MAN! Seriously, I get more excited for his new records than his son's, and that's sayin' something cuz I really love Drizzy. What I'm... Read More