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Marshawn Lynch Officially Signs With Raiders

Today is a bittersweet day for 12's. Beast Mode is OFFICIALLY going home - not his home away from home, his "home" home. After coming to terms on a new contract and swapping draft picks in the 2018 draft, Marshawn Lynch is an Oakland Raider. Thanks for the memories, Marshawn! (NSFW language below)... Read More

[WATCH] Al Bundy's Most Savage Insults

When 'Married With Children' was one of the most popular shows on television, I was a little too young to really appreciate the humor. Re-watching the show as an adult has been a joy. How did they get away with some of these jokes on network television? Grab some popcorn, fire up the theme song and... Read More

Tanch's 10 Favorite 4/20 Movies

Stoner movies are in an elite class all of their own. Seriously, they’re their own genre! Sure, most fall under the “comedy” umbrella, but at the end of the day, stoner movies are stoner movies. Even if you don’t partake in smoking the sticky icky – I’m sure you’ve seen at least one stoner comedy... Read More

Marshawn Lynch Smacks Phone Out Of Fan's Hand At LAX

Celebrities and athletes are real people too. Marshawn Lynch's public persona may be fun and playful, but he has bad days too. Was this one of them? Maybe. When it comes to spotting a celeb, I usually take a few things into consideration before violating their privacy (even from afar, taking video... Read More

Alicia Keys, Snoop, T.I., YG and Treach Perform Tupac Medley

Snoop Dogg inducted Tupac into the Rock And Roll Hall of Fame on Friday night at the Barclay's Center in Brooklyn. As a part of the ceremony, Alicia Keys, T.I., Snoop, YG and Treach from Naughty By Nature performed a medley of Pac's biggest hits. A condensed version of the ceremony will air on HBO... Read More

Watch 11 Year Old Twin DJ's Amira And Kayla Do Their Thing!!

When I was 11 years old I still made my mom cut the crust off my peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for me. I don't know Amira and Kayla. Maybe they hate vegetables and watch Disney channel with their besties. One thing I do know is their talent on the turntables is far beyond their years. The... Read More

See What MTV's "Daria" Characters Look Like All Grown Up

This year marks the 20th anniversary of one of the most iconic MTV shows of all time. Yes, kids... Believe it or not, MTV used to have GOOD shows. To celebrate the occasion, the show's writers drew up what Daria, Quinn, Trent and the gang are up to 20 years later. Turns out Daria is living the Liz... Read More

Woman On Jeopardy Has A Dirty Mind

I know people who have been on game shows. The appearances are usually taped months in advance, giving contestants plenty of time to hype up the air date to all their friends, family, social media followers, strangers on the street and pretty much anyone willing to listen. I imagine Kara's entire... Read More

Trailer For Dave Chapelle Netflix Stand-Up Special

Unfortunately, we'll (most likely) never see a revival of the greatest Comedy Central show of all time, Chapelle Show. Fortunately, the show holds up super well. It's just as funny today as it was when I was in High School. AND... Dave is still touring the country doing stand-up! The trailer... Read More